Wineplace Briedel
homeland of the famous Wine "Briedeler sweet heart"

The 1200 year old romantic wine-village of Briedel lies right in the heart of the Moselle region,102 m above sealevel (village centre). With hills as high as 450 m above see-level, it offers holidaymakers and those seeking relaxation alike, favourable climatic conditions.

Here , under these same favourable conditions, over 1,900.000 vines provide for excellent wines, the best-known of these beeing "Briedeler Herzchen" (Briedeler Heart). The village centre is adorned with numerous half-timbered houses and a wonderful Baroque church, built 1772. The marvellously painted ceiling, the Stummorgan and the altar, restored in 1950 are all worth a special mention.

Church with ceiling painting and high altar

View over the balcony

Well laid-out footpaths along the crest of the Moselle hills, keep-fit-paths, wine-tastins with various wine-growers, angling along the whole lenght of the river Moselle, water-sports, tennis,nine-pin bowling and the sencere hospiality all invite you stay awhile.

View of Briedel

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Folders and further information:
Homeland and tourist association Briedel, Tel. +49 6542-4015 
local administration Briedel, Tel. +49 6542-4640